Beatriz Jacoste Lozano

Food advocate with a background in the diplomacy and nation-branding who believes in the power of education and inspiration to spark creativity and social change. / @BeaJacoste

  • A kitchen full of possibilities

    Hi Reader, Today my classmates and I started our journey. The first destination was Amsterdam in Netherlands. A city full of life and plenty of multiculturalism were everything should be…

  • This is the beginning

    Hi Reader, Recently I started a journey around the globe. The motivation that brings me in this adventure is discover innovative researchers, products, techniques and visions that might help me…

  • FLYINGPITU – My Global Mission Blog

    Hi everyone! Don’t loose track of our Global Mission and visit flyingpitu for refreshing news, pics and curiosities about culture and food around the world ūüėČ See you there!

  • Strooop! by Chlo√© Rutzerveld

    Everybody knows the Dutch delicacy¬†stroopwafel. Thanks to Starbucks we can find it everywhere. ¬†According to Wikipedia it was first made in Gouda around¬†18th century by a baker using leftovers from…

  • Netherlands – How to shake out the legacy of war

    During the II World War, in the winter of 1944-45, Netherlands suffered what has been called¬†The Hunger winter.¬†The famine affected 4.5 million people and brought to dead around 20,000 people….

  • Who is Shirley, what is her challenge?

    What does auditing business has to do with culinary, how can an airline security experience help in the kitchen and where do information systems can come in for a different…

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